Frequently Asked Questions

The first thing, maybe you need to update your knowledge a little that the Indonesian government has made a roadmap to stop a lot of coal plants starting in 2030

Second, you need to be smart to think that localizing pollution is more effective than letting it spread wildly like now. And if you have ever known the concept of an industrial area, you should also understand how effective the localization of pollution from industries or power plants are, like Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) system

First, we need to be realistic that we cannot live without batteries (including those who are acting to defend the environment) unless we agree to go back to living without cell phones and return to cable phones.

Second, all vehicles use batteries. Including fossil vehicles. And the batteries in fossil-powered vehicles are far more dangerous than the lithium batteries in electric vehicles. Maybe you need a little knowledge update that this type of battery will soon be banned from use in Europe. Even if you choose to use a fossil-powered vehicle, you still have to find a solution for how to drive it without the battery you are currently using

Third, don't be fooled too easily by environmental organizations who have knowledge that is rarely updated and old-fashioned. Technology is developing very fast, let alone the development of batteries. To use the word "waste" for lithium batteries alone is utter stupidity. Used batteries are big business with high economic value, so they are not waste or objects that have no economic value. The raw materials for notebook batteries, cellphone batteries, and power banks that you use are used electric vehicle batteries. So you can buy these products at a more affordable price

Fourth, the battery problem is too old and there are many solutions for this. In particular you need to know that the Government has thought about how to collect batteries waste effectively

This question is the same as whether it is safe for you to receive telephone calls when it rains. Or is it safe to take elecric trains, LRT, MRT, or bullet trains which are widely used in many countries when it rains? If even cheaper phones come with an IP67 rating, how can you think that electric vehicles don't?

Definitely. In 2030 the Government of Indonesia will ban the sale of gasoline motorbikes. And 2040 for cars.

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